Dustless Floor Sanding is the safe , clean and enviorment friendly choice you can make for your home and family. Besides being a carcinogen, wood dust from traditional floor sanding offers many hazards to health and home. The Dust combined with toxic chemicals from old floor finish can get into everything and take years to get rid of. High end electronics , HVAC , fine art to name a few. More importantly, health issues such as breathing problems and allergies - especially in children.

Technology is what makes Dustless floor sanding possible. Our newest dust evacuation system is the latest technology and most powerful available in New England . It has ten times the power and range of any other gas operated vacuum and has produced a 100 percent dust free environment on every job. We are proud to be the first and only company to offer it to our clients in the Greater Boston and New England areas.

Retail stores , Schools and Commercial spaces can benefit greatly from our Dustless floor sanding system and fast dry waterbased Floor finishes. Jobs can be done at night and ready for business the next day. There's no worry about contamination . So masking off areas or removing mechandise from shelves is unnecessary.Premium low VOC waterbased floor finishes dry in just a couple of hours ,are eco-friendly and are the most durable available in the floor sanding and finishing industry.


Dustless Floor Sanding by Nylin Wood Floors. Say goodbye to the Mess.

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